Meet Our Team: Benefits Consultants, Pension Actuaries, Group Insurance Brokers & HR Outsourcing

Our Team
“We provide our clients a knowledgable team you can trust and the
most innovative benefits technology that works as advertised.”-Jesse Cox

The P&B Live team includes:

Benefit Consultants
Employee Service Representatives
Investment Consultants
Licensed Group Agents
Pension Administrators
Web Development Professionals
Communications Specialists
Insurance Brokers
HR Consultant

Our actuaries, insurance brokers and consultants come from major firms within the consulting and HR outsourcing industry. During their tenures with the national firms they gained valuable experience and held key positions within these firms. They have come to P&B Live (A Pension Live LLC Company) to apply that experience in a unique environment where quality and innovation is valued over systems and hierarchies, and the fulfillment of our clients’ goals is prized most of all. By applying the most cutting-edge tools and techniques toward benefit plan consulting and administration services, we clear the pathway to never-before-experienced levels of customization and client satisfaction.


The P&B Live Team